This project involved creating a whole new visual identity that extends across all brand touchpoints, including packaging, digital media, and print advertisements, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence. The advertising campaign focuses on the theme "Never Unseen" showcasing the cutting edge technology of Atama helmets. Through CGI and meticulously crafted visuals, I illustrate the superior visibility provided by Atama helmets, reinforcing the brand’s promise to protect cyclists.


Crafted and executed an assertive advertising campaign spanning diverse media channels, prominently featuring billboards to maximize brand visibility and engagement. Leveraged my expertise to not only direct but also personally create captivating CGI visuals, meticulously aligning them with the brand's aesthetic and campaign narrative.



A sample of my work at playSTUDIOS, a casual casino game company. My roles have evolved through the years, from senior designer to art director and eventually to creative director at the loyalty division (playAWARDS and myVIP.) This section illustrates the vast amount of work created to serve our digital marketing needs, including CRM, in-app messaging and blockers, social media, on site-marketing, and more. I work closely with the company's executive team, the product teams, the apps, and the buisness developement teams to ensure the all creative needs are alligned with the branding and campaigns  strategies set by the executive team.

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